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How To Open a Demat Account With Groww ?

How To Open a Demat Account With Groww ?

Friends, stock market investment has always been considered complex Everybody used to think, If you want to invest in the stock market then its a very complex process To open an account, it will take a lot of time and if you want to choose a stock, you will have to go to different places after which you can think of starting your journey in the stock market investment But from the time Groww has entered into the stocks Groww has simplified this whole process Other than making it simple Groww has made it efficient so that you can activate your account in a simple and timely manner so, to make a demat account steps are below :-

Here are the steps:

1: Open the Groww App

2: Signup with Google

3: Enter your mobile no. then tap on ‘Verify Number’

4: Enter the ‘verification code’ sent on your mobile number then tap on ‘Confirm’

5: Enter your ‘PAN Number’ and then tap on ‘Next’

6: Enter your ‘Name'(AS PER YOUR PAN CARD)

7: Enter your ‘Date Of Birth’

8: Select your ‘Gender’

9: Enter your ‘Nominee Name’ and select the ‘Relation’

10: Tap on ‘Next’

11: Enter your ‘Mother’s Name’ and ‘Father’s Name’

12: Select if you are ‘Single’ or ‘Married’ and then Tap on ‘Next’

13: Enter your ‘Bank IFSC code’ and then press ‘Confirm’

14: Enter your ‘Bank Account Number’ and then Tap on ‘Next’

15: Click your photo then Tap on ‘Next’

16: Make your 5 seconds video then Tap on ‘Next’

17: Click a clear picture of your PAN card and then Tap on ‘Next’

18: Select one of these for address verification (We chose Aadhaar Card for Reference purpose) 

19: Click the front of your Aadhaar Card then Tap on ‘Next’

 20: Click the back of ‘Aadhaar Card’ then Tap on ‘Next’

21: Enter your ‘Aadhaar Card Number’, ‘Address’, ‘Pincode’

22: Enter the ‘City’ and Select the ‘State’ then Tap on ‘Continue’

23: Tap on ‘I Agree’

24: Tap on Sign and then Sign and Tap on ‘Save’

25: Your Account Creation is Successful

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What is a Demat account? So friends, If I look at Demat’s full form then So what is its meaning? So friends, If you were investing in the past few years when there was no Demat facility so whenever you used to buy a particular share you used to get a certificate for that on the top, it was mentioned of which company and how many stocks did you purchase which you had to store in its physical form As you know, the process was very tedious of how will you store this certificate In order to solve this, a new initiative came up which was called Dematerialization. So what happens in dematerialization is that Whenever you buy a new share, that particular share in an electronic form is kept in one of your accounts and the account in which it is kept is called Demat Account, if you trade money whether its taking money or giving money you use your bank account you keep your money safe in the bank account When you want to give money to someone, you transfer the money to him and when someone has to give you money then your money gets transferred to your bank account so friends, in similar terms, if I talk about share market so in share market, you have to trade shares Assume, if you want to purchase a particular company’s share say if company A’s share is of Rs. 100 so its process is very simplified for the user that you gave Rs. 100 and bought a share but friends, after two days, t + 2 settlement of stocks after 2 days, your particular share gets delivered to the broker and that particular share is put into your Demat Account Just like in a bank account, money is deposited and withdrawn Similarly in your Demat Account, stocks are transacted at your authorization means whenever you have sell it, you authorize thus your share is taken out of the Demat account and delivered to the person, you sold it to And when you buy a share, your broker once he receives, puts your share in your Demat account So friends, from this example you can learn how important Demat account is and is a mandatory account if you want to invest in shares Before buying a single share, it is mandatory to buy a Demat account So friends that was about Demat account Demat account is opened by your broker on your behalf once you give all your details like your signature and bank account to your broker After receiving all this information, your Demat account is opened After opening a Demat account, you receive a mail from your broker which has a CMR copy.

CMR copy or duplicate

Customer ace report or CMR duplicate is the PDF archive which contains every one of the insights regarding the customer who has opened a Demat account with agents in India. The customer ace report or CMR duplicate is the most looked for record for doing exchanges in the unlisted market

The full form of it is Client Master Report Client Master Report tells you all the details regarding your Demat account from your Demat account number to your name, address and the linked bank account details That is why CMR report is so important for you Friends, It’s one more use is whenever you trade share in the market, it helps you there other than that, when you apply for an IPO Assume if any company’s IPO is coming, even for that Demat account is required cause till the time, you don’t have a Demat account you cant apply for an IPO cause by chance if you get the IPO and you don’t have a Demat account then there won’t be any place to keep your Demat account so if you even want to apply for IPO, it is mandatory for you to open a Demat account So, friends, we spoke about the overall Demat account I tell to you about its importance in detail Now, whenever you want to buy or invest in a particular share you must have money in account you will have to transfer that particular amount into Groww as Groww balance After putting that money in Groww balance, you can invest that money so friends, how will money get transferred to your Groww balance, you need to have a proper bank account for this which you will have to link with your Groww account You can verify your bank account here by putting in the IFSC code and bank account details like your bank account number Now friends, in order to open Demat account in the past, people used to ask for cheque so that they can verify your bank details cause the compliance says the Demat account should belong to the owner of the bank account It is not possible that I am opening my investment account I will opening with my bank account so Groww verifies the bank account you added that is of yours and not of someone else’s And Rs. 1 is deposited in you account which is called penny drop Via penny drop, when Rs. 1 is dropped in your account so the name of the bank account owner and the Pan account holder is matched It is verified that the PAN card belongs to the account holder himself or not Once the bank account is verified, you have to fill up some other details after which you reach the last and the most important step The next important step to open an account with Groww is to upload your signature done on a white paper Like you can see on the screen, upload signature’s option so you have to do your sign on a white paper and upload it, pay attention that you have to do your own valid signature here after uploading this signature, you reach the last step after which your investment journey would start This is called e-signature Many people want to know, how is e signature done and what problems does it solve? So friends, your account opening form to trade in stocks in the past, you had to courier the forms after downloading which used to take 7 to 10 days That particular process can be simplified via e-sign The process of doing e-sign is to click, it takes you to the website of NSDL where you will have to put you aadhar card number After putting aadhar card no., the mobile no. linked with it gets a OTP and if you fill in the OTP there, your process of e-sign gets over But friends, I would like to tell you a small thing When you are taken to another page, where you have to fill your aadhar card no. please make sure you are putting your own aadhar card no. Now assume, as my aadhar no. is not linked with my mobile no.. In that case, your account won’t get opened and you will have to repeat the whole process So please take care that when you put in the OTP from the registered mobile no. which is linked with your aadhar card After this step, your account opening process is complete After which your investment journey starts in just some time Under stocks, you will find a lot of information you can use it to think of investing intelligently Friends, this whole process is very simple If you try it by yourself, you can complete this whole process in just sometime Once this process gets completed, your Demat account gets created After which you will receive an email with a CMR copy, Client Master Report which is very important as it tells you all the details of your Demat account Friends, follow this process and start your investment journey soon One more benefit, you get in Groww is that if you are interested in investing in a particular stock then the financial information, Profit & Loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, competitors of that company are all available on the same page After taking an informed decision with the information available, you can start your investment I hope, when you are starting to invest, like a good investor you will do your own research after which choose a fundamentally strong company Invest for a long time so that in the future, you can make good returns Happy Investing!

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